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Badlander 2500

The first and original name in the lifted truck.



A race inspired truck developed with the Baja 1000 in mind.


Concept One

Where concept meets reality.

Why buy a Tuscany?

BF Goodrich Tires

Tuscany Automotive is a proud partner of BFGoodrich.

Factory Warranty

Don’t do it yourself! Let Tuscany handle it or you will void your Factory warranty.

Coast to Coast Service

Tuscany vehicles can be serviced at any GM dealership nationwide.

FVMSS certified Lift

Tuscany lifts are installed by our qualified Lift Specialists. We only use lifts that have passed FMVSS Roll over testing.

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Tuscany Automotive is a “Special Vehicle Manufacturer” for GM. We are one of the few companies in the world that have the authority to Modify the factory suspension without out voiding the factory warranty. We build Off Road vehicles for GM Dealers throughout the United States.

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