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We’re committed to building relationships and the best vehicles in the industry. Let’s build a future together!

Tuscany was founded in 1988 as a specialty vehicle manufacturer (SVM) authorized to enhance vans, trucks, SUVs and cars as a Tier 1 manufacturer. We are a debt free family owned company. Tuscany consistently leads the industry in quality, innovation and dedication to customer service since our inception. As a Tier 1 manufacturer we order vehicles from the factory for customization. Additionally, Tuscany can receive vehicles directly from the dealer.

Tuscany vehicles and enhancements (packages) can be floored by the dealer as well as financed by the lenders used by the dealership. The vehicles produced by Tuscany can only be retailed to the public through the dealership base. However, Tuscany can assist the retail public in locating a stocking dealer in their area or with the purchase of a vehicle through the dealer of their choice. Tuscany vehicles are serviceable and warrantable through any of the corresponding dealers in the United States.

Tuscany’s newly completed (2013) state of the art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas. When you buy a Tuscany vehicle you can expect the best quality and best customer service in the industry. This is our promise as the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles. Simply put, Tuscany offers the best built customized vehicles in the industry for the pleasure, enjoyment and pride of ownership of the retail customer and success of our dealer partners.